About Chapter Leadership Funds

Here’s the gist of it.

Chapter Leadership Funds are the newest opportunities to make a difference. They are THE opportunity to provide today’s undergraduates at your chapter exposure to the leadership programming they need. 

Why a challenge?
Because, we get it—you like your chapter best. And, so does everyone else.

So, we’re giving you the chance to show just how much you like your chapter, and we decided to take it to the next level by making this a challenge. Our Creed challenges us to be better men so we thought why not challenge ourselves to pass that along to others too! Rally your brothers to maximize the support your chapter’s leaders receive. The more brothers giving, the more programs that your chapter’s undergrads will experience. The more dollars raised for your chapter, the more other chapters will give. It’s pretty simple—more is better. And “more” will take your chapter to the front-runner position in this challenge creating a better future for your chapter, our Fraternity and, well, the world.

I’m Sure You Have Questions

Where do I start?
You start at this challenge site. So, good work! You’re already on the right path. From here, you can either start a team that supports your chapter, join a team that already exists, or just fly solo and give directly to your chapter. Any way you slice it, your chapter still benefits and grows as leaders on your campus and within Phi Psi.
What are these “leadership programs” you speak of?
Undergraduates at your chapter have the opportunity to benefit from the following:
  • Regional Officer Training
  • Professional Development Conference
  • Fraternity Educators Leadership Academy
  • Emerging Leaders Institute
  • Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute
  • Futures Quest
  • Personalized Chapter Workshop/Retreat
  • ELEVATE (Health & Wellness) Programming
  • Hazing Prevention Resources
  • Online Education
  • StrengthsQuest Online Assessment
  • GreekLifeEdu Online Program
How much do we need to give?
We knew you’d be curious, so we made this infographic.

There are three levels of programming: bronze, silver and gold. Challenge your chapter and its supporters to start at the bronze level and then reach for the silver. Keep going, and you’ll be leading the challenge at the gold level before you know it. And, since you’re working as a team, you can each give monthly in small amounts to maximize the impact without breaking the bank.
I thought my chapter already had a designated chapter-specific fund?
It does! Your chapter has a scholarship fund, and many chapters also have a housing fund where you have a direct impact on the men at your alma mater. Chapter Leadership Funds are the newest opportunity to support your chapter and are set up to support the leadership development of your chapter’s undergraduates to supplement their academic support.
Is my gift to my Chapter Leadership Fund tax deductible?
Of course! Gifts to Chapter Leadership Funds, as well as all other chapter designated funds held by the Foundation are deductible to the extent provided by law. And, that’s just another benefit in addition to knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of countless undergraduates.
How long is the challenge?
The Challenge is an annual one, so that makes things a bit easier to remember! Gifts made any day throughout 2016 will count. The total donated throughout the year in the chapter’s fund will determine the chapter’s level of programming in 2017.
Who should be on my team?
Invite your Phi Psi brothers, college friends, leaders and mentors to join you in supporting the leadership development of your chapter’s undergraduate men. Consider starting a team of your pledge brothers or those that graduated in the last decade. Maybe you could get your Phi Psi family of bigs and littles together to make a team. The possibilities are endless! All of your recruitment chairmen could start their own team! Challenge them to give and then get their friends to join too. The more people, the better! And, all it takes is one leader to start it all. That leader is YOU.
When will my chapter see the funds?
Your chapter’s funds will support leadership programming in the following year. With your donations in 2016, your brothers will attend events and receive access to leadership resources in 2017.
Can I mail in a gift?
Of course! Your chapter’s undergraduates are appreciative of your investment in their success no matter the form! Please make checks payable to Phi Kappa Psi Foundation and/or use this giving slip. Be sure to note the chapter you are supporting with your gift and if there is a particular team you’re a part of or want to support.
Can I make a stock gift to my Chapter Leadership Fund?
Writing a check is simple, but when you give appreciated property you’ve held more than one year, you can claim a deduction for its full fair market value and avoid any tax on the appreciation. That’s certainly an added bonus! To make the transfer,simply contact the Foundation staff team for personalized transfer instructions to provide your broker.
Can I endow the level of programming?
Of course! What better investment to make is there? Endowing programming for your chapter ensures that your undergraduate chapter brothers will be exposed to the programming proven to make a difference for them personally and professionally. Bronze programming can be endowed for $100,000, Silver for $200,000 and Gold for $400,000. Donors who make gifts of $1,000 or more can select to have their gift allocated toward the chapter’s endowed goal.
What happens if my chapter closes or if my chapter is closed?
You can choose to support another chapter and encourage your brothers to join you. In the end, it’s all about supporting current Phi Psi leaders that will go on to be leaders in the workforce, our communities, and the world.
Can I contribute to a chapter other than my own?
Yes! You can choose to invest in the leaders that emerge from any chapter.
How are the programs and tiered levels determined?
Each year, the tiered levels will be evaluated, both the dollar value and the programming. Based upon the latest leadership programming available and the needs of our undergraduate population the programs will be adjusted.
Who selects the participants of the programs?
With guidance from the Fraternity’s Director of Leadership & Programming, each House Corporation, Chapter Advisory Committee, and Chapter will work collaboratively to select individual brothers to attend the outlined leadership programs. Localized selection by the chapter itself in concert with the House Corporation and Chapter Advisory Committee is crucial as it ensures the right individuals attend each program.
What criteria are used to select the participants?
The Fraternity’s Director of Leadership & Programming will provide suggested criteria and guidance in regards to each program. The criteria will include thecharacteristics (i.e. year in school, leadership experience level, chapter involvement aspirations, etc.) that should be employed by program participants to ensure their success and to ensure they gain the most from the program.